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August 18, 2017
Cambridge - Graduate Schemes

hand4when you look at the 3D publishing news globe, we notice much about prosthetic limbs created and printed for charitable factors. However some comic relief from a local iconic mannequin — especially for commuters on the way to and from work daily in Cambridge, The united kingdomt — is also a worthy cause of a 3D printed hand. Dickie Mackay is a mannequin that graces the storefront of Mackays of Cambridge, a hardware shop on East path in Cambridge. On April 22, 2015, the mannequin was “savagely assaulted” — relating to a tweet on @DickieMackay, with an arm damaged and a hand taken. Thankfully, an area Dickie lover with a 3D printing business got included and imprinted a hand for the mannequin, just who models work use and is recognized for changing costumes to support neighborhood events also.

Mackays of Cambridge is an institution that is around since 1912. Based on its site: “On this site we have seen historic advancements. We built some of the globes initially broadcast telescopes, in addition initial crystal developing chambers for hi-tech business.hand1 we've created and patented a distinctive method of building spiral stairways and much more extremely prestigious jobs. Many Nobel prize-winning experts have entered the threshold of your shop and workshops looking for solutions to issues.”

On April 27, Dickie tweeted, ” I wonder if anybody @cammakespace could assistance with my missing hand?” It performedn’t take very long for the next tweet from @Cam3DP responding, “We will give you a hand if you’d like?” By April 29th, the hand was already being printed (see below image) by Tom Parker, the Director of Cambridge 3D Printing (CAM 3DP). It took Parker four weeks to print the hand — he did it in-between other tasks when he had time — additionally the job ended up being completed at least a month from the initiation of the publishing.

hand8Since Dickie Mackay features a huge number of fans, it's undoubtedly already been good publicity when it comes to revolutionary applications of 3D printing. From reading Dickie’s Twitter account, you can observe that before he received his brand new hand, “Sickie Dickie” nonetheless must continue his community duties, also attending the reopening of a Mackays shop on 20th. He'd his supply in a sling with this event, that was only 2 days before obtaining their brand-new permanent 3D imprinted hand. And Dickie was sure hectic for the following a few times. After his hand ended up being fitted, his tale ended up being included in the BBC News . But then, without doubt, it is often back into company for this iconic mannequin.

When BBC News asked Mackays’ Neil Mackay if he had been worried that this will not be the very last assault and theft for the mannequin, Mackay replied the store’s little works department built a metal bracket to secure the new hand. In the meantime, even as we wait to see should this be the final assault on bad Dickie Mackay, we must all provide Cambridge 3D Printing a hand for work well done!

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