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June 13, 2017
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Bike weblog : Cambridge University Students Riding bikeRiding a bicycle is a convenient way of transport for folks in Cambridge. Photo: Brian Harris/Alamy

From the face of it, Cambridge seems like any attractive visitor town in UK: picturesque structures flanking slim roads with some pedestrianised areas.

Follow "bike employ" indications and also you find a warehouse that is hiring, repairing and selling old and brand new bicycles. It is possible to hire on a short-term (for time trippers) or long-term basis (for pupils). When I commented on measurements of the spot, the supervisor explained: "it is simply much easier to circumvent Cambridge by bicycle." It would never be the final time I would hear this.

Cambridge drivers tend to be considerate of cyclists in a way I've never ever seen in the united kingdom. My brief trip from the station to your center of city, albeit along a primary roadway, had been an enjoyment, without any buses driving back at my straight back wheel no automobiles revving their particular motors trying to overtake dangerously.

Cycling around the town centre we saw bikes parked every where: chained to every inch of railing and bicycle stand or perhaps locked to on their own, leaning against wall space.

Cambridge even offers many specialized period parking. We adopted indications to 1 regarding the city's "cycle areas" where ground floor of a multi-storey car park is provided up to period racks. Right here several the town's 30-plus pattern stores tend to be based, restoring bicycles on the spot and also sending mechanics out to big companies to service workers' bikes while they work.

Chisholm claims the city had been lucky throughout the sixties and 70s: whenever many urban centers increased motor traffic, Cambridge somehow missed down.

This required more folks held biking.

He says: "it will be the ordinary people of Cambridge just who pattern; it is your mother and father having the courage and confidence to cycle which means kiddies possess self-confidence. Unless you have parents who cycle it is hard."

He included: "Once young ones reach 11 they cycle to school unaccompanied in Cambridge. Actually they probably not allow their moms and dads to come with all of them from then on"

I talked to an 88-year-old guy on a bicycle. Like every person we spoke to here, he just views biking as the best way for around.

Obtained wisdom informs us a crucial mass of cycling produces a cycling culture, andhere this is apparently the case. All over there's evidence of this, from the numerous cycle lanes towards the many bicycle racks in workplaces and shopping areas; from roads allowing buses and bicycles only, into the numerous one-way streets that are two way for bikes. Not to mention its careful drivers.

In Cambridge cycling has consistently stayed a well known way of transportation and so financial investment into biking has actually continued through the years. People train biking with their children, just who subsequently pattern up. It is just an integral part of typical life. Where lots of cities are now actually choked with cars, Cambridge's faith within the bicycle has made it sadly special among Uk towns and towns. Perhaps more absolutely, but this has made it a model for what may be accomplished when anyone have confidence in the bike.

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