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June 18, 2016
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Our system of schools proceed with the English National Curriculum, which will be a standardised curriculum that is followed by huge number of British schools around the globe. By selecting a British knowledge for the kid, you can ensure continuity within their knowledge all over the world. For further information in the English nationwide Curriculum, please visit the official web site on British division of Education (see website link at bottom of page).

Year teams tend to be divided in to three unique places:

  • Early many years: Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception (age 2-5)
  • Primary : many years 1 to 6 (age 5-11)
  • Secondary: Years 7 to 11 (age 11-16)
  • Sixth Form: Years 12 to 13 (age 17-18)

British skilled staff provide the English nationwide Curriculum supported most of the time by a professional instructor's Assistant. All children are taught in blended capability courses, with children of the same age. Kids can be taught English, Maths or any other core subjects in smaller groups if we give consideration to assistance will become necessary.

Teaching and learning is enquiry based with an emphasis on issue resolving and aims to build-up students' abilities as students. Work occurs both separately as well as in teams. Class sizes are little makes it possible for for greater individual awareness of each student's learning needs.

Modern-day international languages (MFL) can be an important element of the curriculum at BSF schools allowing pupils to understand at least one extra language. Schools usually train the local language associated with nation they have a home in plus French is oftentimes included from 12 months 3 onwards to help keep inline as to what emerges because of the best schools in Britain.

Songs, recreation, crisis and academic trips and a variety of other activities form an integral part of a diverse curriculum that aims to assist students learn important abilities, discover a selection of interests and develop the self-confidence to pursue brand-new difficulties.

Curriculum Information - The British School of Nanjing
Curriculum Information - The British School of Nanjing
The British School of Nanjing Curriculum
The British School of Nanjing Curriculum
Video 2 of 5: Enriched British Curriculum
Video 2 of 5: Enriched British Curriculum
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