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July 21, 2016
Me vs the british educational

About this page you will find some information on the Uk academic system. A number of its faculties may be familiar to you personally; other individuals may (actually) appear international.

Take note: In May 2001 we relocated from the University of Bradford, UK, into University of Melbourne, Australian Continent, and also this web page will not be updated. However, you may still find the details useful if you plan to study in britain. (apart from the grading system, most remarks with this page apply to the Australian academic system besides.)

Grading system

One of the more essential issues for students! Brit universities usually level relating to a scale from 0%-100%. As an MA/MBA pupil you will require at the least 50per cent to pass individual modules. When you yourself have an average of 70percent or higher and satisfy some extra demands, you can expect to obtain a qualification with difference. This currently suggests that any level above 70percent is great to exemplary, while grades between 60percent and 70per cent have become great. It really is uncommon for pupils to get marks above 80percent.

How to get high markings

Inside Uk system, tutors have actually a prejudice in their marking towards offering credit when it comes to improvement arguments, versus for giving a summary of concise points that reproduce that which was taught when you look at the course. It really is less essential for a response to pay for every possible aspect also to be completely precise than for the response to show which you have actually understood what you're mastering, are able to put it on and develop your own type of reasoning. Obviously, when you can handle both you're in range for a really high mark! Answers must not contain incorrect statements, but we cannot connect much price to an ideal reproduction of a definition or an easy listing of benefits and drawbacks.


For some segments, students should expect to do coursework (a task, a case research, a particular assignment) in addition to a written exam. This facilitates the learning process, since students need certainly to "work utilizing the theories" thereby applying all of them in practice. In addition it indicates dedication and necessitates a beneficial power to plan your time and effort efficiently. When you look at the Brit system, it's practically impossible to postpone work and begin an accident programme inside last months ahead of the exams.

Group work

In a lot of segments the coursework is (partially) carried out in categories of students. This develops your capability working in teams and, considering that the Uk student population is quite international, moreover it develops your ability be effective in multi-cultural teams. Involved in teams is enjoyable, but it can certainly be extremely difficult if you don't make good arrangements. That is a fundamental piece of your understanding procedure, therefore make an effort to learn from it plus don't hesitate to share with your team members if you're unhappy.


If you would rather die than stand-in front of an audience doing a presentation, you may be unfortunate, because in a lot of modules you will have to do presentations. Don't be afraid, however, because we all know how hard it could be if you present the very first time. Once more, do you will need to discover and practice whenever possible. It is better in order to make some mistakes before your other pupils and learn how to improve rather than do the same in front of a board of administrators.

Conversation with tutor

Interacting with each other aided by the course tutors could be more casual than you might be accustomed in your nation (see also informality under Brit tradition). Additionally you should realize that tutors are facilitators, maybe not oracles. Even though they know a lot in regards to the area they are teaching, they ought to never be seen as people who have suitable reply to every question. In management generally there are often no right responses anyway. Tutors will also anticipate you, the pupils, to engage actively in lectures and tutorials. This means asking concerns if you don't comprehend things and possibly offering examples of your own personal nation. Should you not agree with the tutor, you shouldn't be afraid to express so as lengthy while you achieve this in a tactful way.

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