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March 31, 2016
United Kingdom Education

The British Council actively works to raise knowing of the UK’s unique educational opportunities with counselors and students alike. We assist higher education specialists to get in touch pupils with options and universities across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

For sources designed to facilitate student flexibility, and follow-up information from past occasions and conferences associated with fostering relations between experts in advanced schooling in britain and USA, kindly look at the counselor web page on our knowledge UNITED KINGDOM site.

Through 2015-6 we will be offering seminar lunches, night receptions, webinars also possibilities to enable college guidance counselors to find out more concerning the UNITED KINGDOM education system.

Being read about these upcoming possibilities and acquire involved, it is possible to register right here for the Education UK network. Becoming part of the Education UNITED KINGDOM community means you'll get updates on information and sources, you're going to be the first to ever be asked to Education UK events, and you may supply the opportunity to host your very own occasions in your town utilizing the support of Education UNITED KINGDOM.

Your data will simply be used by the British Council for education functions.


Below you will discover the Education UK counselor presentation which was fond of counselors on our most recent California tour. This presentation is loaded saturated in information regarding great britain advanced schooling system.

You will get a hold of three versions associated with the existing Education is excellent poster for you to print and hang inside school. The variations feature variations in color and dimensions to be able to provide you with printing options.

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Education Is a System of Indoctrination of the Young ...
The Education System in the UK - My opinions and views
The Education System in the UK - My opinions and views
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