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January 29, 2017
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The training system in Cyprus is composed of here phases:

Pre-Primary training:
Pre-Primary knowledge is compulsory for all young ones between 4 8/12 – 5 8/12 years of age. Kids may acknowledged over the age of 3. This standard of education aims to satisfy the children’s requires the development of a healthy personality in an experiential environment which enables them to acknowledge their particular capabilities and improve their self image.

Major Knowledge:
Primary training is compulsory for many young ones avove the age of 5 8/12 and has now a period of 6 many years. The aim of main knowledge is always to develop and secure the necessary discovering opportunities for children aside from age, intercourse, family members and personal history and emotional capabilities.

Additional Knowledge:
Secondary General knowledge provides two three-year cycles of training – Gymnasio (reduced secondary training) and Lykeio (upper additional training) – to pupils between your many years of 12 and 18. The curriculum includes core lessons, interdisciplinary topics and a variety of extracurricular activities.

Rather than the Lykeio, pupils might want to attend Secondary Technical and Vocational knowledge which offers all of them with understanding and skills which will prepare them to go into the staff or go after further scientific studies inside their area of interest.

Post-Secondary Vocational knowledge and Training (Post- Secondary Institutes of inspect):
Post-Secondary Vocational Education and Training provides all types of vocational education and education and pupils with all the required skills by imparting educational and technical knowledge, as well as professional and useful skills. The length associated with programs provided is two years, on a 5-day foundation.

Higher Education:
At present, community and exclusive universities work in Cyprus.

Public Universities
1. The University of Cyprus
2. The Cyprus University of Technology
3. The Open University of Cyprus

Personal Universities
1. European University – Cyprus
2. Frederick University – Cyprus
3. University of Nicosia – Cyprus
4. Neapolis University – Pafos
5. University of Central Lancashire – Cyprus

State Advanced Schooling Institutions:
Degree in Cyprus can be given by numerous State advanced schooling organizations, and a much greater wide range of exclusive Institutions of Higher Education, not one of which features university condition. The State organizations of degree, offer vocational programs of study with a duration ranging from anyone to three educational many years. These programmes cannot supply accessibility 2nd pattern programmes. The apolyterion or comparable certification, is a prerequisite for accessibility the programmes offered by State Higher Education Institutions and applicants for entrance to a certain programme are placed relating to their overall performance within the Pancyprian Examinations.

Personal Establishments of Advanced Schooling:
Currently, 40 personal establishments of Higher Education tend to be subscribed using the Ministry of knowledge and Culture. Private organizations of advanced schooling don't have college condition nonetheless they offer both academic and vocational programmes of research at undergraduate and postgraduate amounts.

High quality Assurance and Accreditation
The competent human anatomy for quality guarantee and certification associated with the programs provided by Private Institutions of advanced schooling is the Council for Educational Evaluation-Accreditation (Symvoulio Ekpedeftikis Axiologisis Pistopiisis, SEKAP), which is an associate of ENQA. Currently, a number of programmes made available from the personal organizations, have-been assessed and accredited by SEKAP. These programmes belong to listed here groups:

  • Academic and Vocational programs of research resulted in following qualifications: Certificate (1 year), Diploma (24 months) and greater Diploma (three years). For access to these programmes the apolyterion or equivalent certification is a prerequisite.
  • Very first cycle programmes (4 years), resulted in honor of a Bachelor Degree. For accessibility these programs the apolyterion or equivalent qualification is a prerequisite.
  • 2nd period programs (one to two many years) resulted in award of a Masters Degree. The prerequisite for usage of these programs may be the Ptychio, or Bachelor, or comparable qualification.

Recognition of Advanced Schooling Qualifications
The skilled nationwide human anatomy when it comes to recognition of advanced schooling qualifications could be the Cyprus Council when it comes to Recognition of Degrees (Kypriako Symvoulio Anagnorisis Titlon Spoudon, KYSATS). KYSATS recognizes equivalence, or equivalence-correspondence for very first cycle titles, or simply just equivalence for postgraduate titles (2nd or 3rd period). KYSATS might also recognize joint levels.

Quality Assurance Department
The institution of a Quality Assurance Agency has been approved because of the Council of Ministers of this Republic of Cyprus. The goal of this department should promote high quality guarantee both in the general public plus the private organizations of degree, through various measures which include outside accreditation and development of inner high quality tradition. These efforts come in line because of the Berlin Communique, the ENQA Standards and recommendations on QA, as accepted because of the Bergen Communique plus the Agreement on Quality Assurance within the EU.

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