History of Catholic education

February 4, 2016
As a result of the 1895 PA

Although Catholic schools these days make up the greatest non-public school system in the nation, a brief history of Catholic schools in america is actually older than the United States itself. Because of Spanish fascination with “God, Gold, and Glory” missionaries and priests accompanied explorers on their travel when you look at the continent as early as the mid-16th century and their French alternatives adopted closely at the rear of.

Because there is no record of the previous exploits, Catholic knowledge in the usa already had a strong foothold in North America by the time initial formal Catholic college entered the scene in 1606. Created by the Franciscan order in present-day St. Augustine, Florida, with this small seed an exciting garden would develop. Unfortunately, their hopes wouldn't normally take root until following the Revolution. While English Catholics, seeking spiritual liberty from Anglican The united kingdomt, founded Maryland as a Catholic colony in 1634, how many Catholic schools in America remained tiny for the following century. Maryland ended up being an all natural central hub activity but Catholics (or even their particular schools) could possibly be present in the majority of the colonies regarding the eve associated with the Revolution.

Following Revolution, however, Catholic training began in earnest. In fact, just a few years after the end associated with war, in 1789, the very first real Catholic college in america had been established at Georgetown in present-day Washington DC. 2 yrs later the ratification for the Bill of Rights (and its particular First Amendment, which ensures freedom of religion) aided Catholics more cement their particular devote the newest nation. Today, Georgetown could be the oldest Catholic college in North America and continues to be perhaps one of the most prestigious colleges when you look at the country. It matters among its notable alumni President Bill Clinton, a few Supreme Court justices, plus the minds of condition greater than a dozen nations.

Within the after that few decades, Catholic schools would be established in Maryland, Kentucky, and in other places. Also, size immigration from Catholic Ireland inside mid-1800s saw an increase in need for spiritual education and several personal Catholic schools were established during this time period as a solution towards the Protestant knowledge that then dominated the nation’s community schools. Indeed, the very first Plenary Council of Baltimore in 1852 particularly urged every Catholic parish in the united kingdom to establish its own college just for that reason. In reply to this call, scores of schools had been established through the entire country. Notre Dame University was established in the time scale as well as in the century and a half since its basis is continuing to grow into one of many world’s most prominent – and popular – universities.

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