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September 1, 2015
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The training system in Wales largely resembles the structure arranged in The united kingdomt, with managed schools (most state schools) following the National Curriculum. But because the 2011/2012 college year, the whole curriculum for Key Stage 1 has been changed in Wales by the Foundation Phase for several three to seven-year-olds. The age of a kid on 1 September determines if they need certainly to begin main school..

During Foundation stage, kids ought to be creative and imaginative and learn by firmly taking component in useful tasks instead of working through exercises in textbooks.

Think about teaching in Welsh?

The Welsh national desires to make sure that kids can be informed in Welsh if there’s a necessity or demand for it, so Welsh is taught as an element of the curriculum throughout schools around the age of 16. Schools have the choice to show classes entirely or mostly in Welsh – this includes English-medium schools (schools where kiddies tend to be taught in English).

‘Welsh-medium’ schools tend to be schools in which kiddies are taught in Welsh. Young ones planning these schools also get a good grounding in English language abilities, but schools are not required by-law to teach English in years 1 and 2.

Does the curriculum in Wales have actually a Welsh slant?

Use the topic of history, including. Welsh schools receive discretion on what to show ever sold within the curriculum. Although they’re encouraged to spotlight historic numbers and activities from their neighborhood and around Wales in the first instance, they’re also free to consist of subjects concerning Britain as sometime. In belated 2012 the Welsh Government revealed plans to check whether there’s adequate emphasis on Welsh history in the present curriculum.

Just what checks do pupils in Wales take?

Statutory instructor assessments tend to be administered at the end of Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3, as with England, but pupils don't just take crucial Stage 2 nationwide Curriculum Tests (Standard Attainment examinations, or SATs).

Students take General Certificate of Secondary knowledge examinations (GCSEs) during year 11, and have the choice to continue on to years 12 and 13 to stay A-level exams.

Age during college year The united kingdomt and Wales:

National Curriculum (plus Foundation State in Wales)

Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland Curriculum


Curriculum for quality

4-5 Reception Year 1 (Nursery)

(very early amount)

5-6 Year 2 P1 (very early level)
6-7 12 Months 3 P2 (very first amount)
7-8 12 Months 4 P3 (First level)
8-9 Year 5 P4 (First level)
9-10 Year 6 P5 (Second degree)
10-11 12 Months 7 P6 (2nd level)
11-12 Year 8 P7 (2nd amount)
12-13 Year 9 S1 (Third/Fourth level)
13-14 12 Months 10 S2 (Third/Fourth degree)
14-15 Year 11 S3 (Third/Fourth amount)
15-16 Year 12 S4 (Senior phase)
A-Levels and SCE Highers – not compulsory
16-17 12 Months 13 S5 (Senior phase)
17-18 Year 14
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