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March 15, 2017
Welsh Education System Pre
Signs and symptoms of enhancement in Cardiff's education provision but still strive to be achieved, claims Estyn

1. Education – whoever responsibility can it be, anyway?

Since 1999, the Welsh national has run rule over most education plan – that features schools, universities and colleges.

This means the outcome for this month’s General Election will, in theory, have little impact on Wales’ knowledge system.

Instructors’ pay and circumstances is just one of the couple of things nonetheless administered centrally because of the Westminster Government, however it seems progressively most likely that that too will undoubtedly be devolved in the not too distant future.

Knowledge in Wales and The united kingdomt has diverged dramatically within the last 16 years.

2. Exactly what do our pupils learn?

As in England, students in Wales’ condition schools follow a nationwide curriculum that has been originally introduced in 1988.

It prescribes just what kiddies must certanly be taught to ensure each pupil is given the same standard of knowledge.

But all of that looks set-to change plus an important divergence from current plan, a unique separate report has recommended that crucial phases be ditched and replaced with “progression steps”, offering research points for instructors and parents as students undertake their particular educational journeys.

The brand new curriculum would-be organised into six “areas of learning and experience”, with three “cross-curriculum obligations” (literacy, numeracy and digital competence) becoming anticipated of all educators.

Welsh ministers are currently considering Professor Graham Donaldson’s results and therefore are because of pin their tints towards the mast in the summer.

3. Therefore does that mean the end of GCSEs and A-levels?

No, it willn’t. An important article on qualifications had been carried out in 2012 and discovered there ended up being however a powerful desire for food for GCSEs and A-levels.

Therefore as the curriculum – how and exactly what our children understand – changes, the way they tend to be examined cannot.

A brand new Wales-specific raft of qualifications will come into power within the after that few years.

GCSEs and A-levels may also continue in The united kingdomt, which should indicate skills tend to be similar with those over the edge.

Truly the only major distinction at the moment is England has plumped for to ditch AS-levels, while Wales has actually retained all of them.

4. How about the Welsh language?

The training of Welsh is compulsory in Wales’ condition schools as much as age 16.

But campaigners would you like to go more and believe every child should leave school fluent into the language.

Data show how many kiddies whom receive their particular education through the method of Welsh reduces because they get older and since devolution, consecutive Welsh-medium strategies have actually up to now didn't provide whatever they set out to achieve – that is, a distinctly bilingual Wales.

Prof Sioned Davies, mind of the School of Welsh at Cardiff University, warned in September 2013 when Wales had been dedicated to seeing the Welsh language thrive, “a change of way is urgently needed prior to it being too late”.

5. Just how are our kids tested?

Pupils in Wales are susceptible to internal teacher tests while they progress through school.

Questionable SATs had been ditched by Welsh ministers about ten years ago, but national reading and numeracy tests have also been introduced observe the overall performance of students in years two to nine.

Further up the scale, GCSEs are usually taken by pupils in Year 11 (age 16) and pupils in Year 13 (age 18) stay A-levels. Exam panels like WJEC help ensure skills attained in Wales are comparable to those gotten across the border.

6. Just how are we performing?

Not quite as well once we could. All the proof points to a system which underachieving.

Since devolution, Wales moved from performing above typical at GCSE and A-level, to well below average.

Our universities produce fewer top levels and criteria of literacy and numeracy tend to be a critical concern.

The intercontinental “Pisa” examinations – which rank college standards in around 70 nations – gap Wales into the lower echelons of knowledge’s league tables.

7. I’ve never heard about Pisa. Let me know much more...

Performed every 36 months, Pisa examinations the knowledge and core abilities of 15-year-olds while they near the end of the compulsory education.

It uses a representative test of students to evaluate just how different knowledge methods are doing against one another.

Relevant: International Pisa tests do matter to Welsh knowledge

Past Education Minister Leighton Andrews described Wales’ poor Pisa results posted this season as a “wake-up telephone call to a complacent system” and targeted a spot within the world’s top 20 whenever examinations are sat in 2015. But Welsh teenagers had been placed well below those in the rest of the UK on research, reading and maths in 2013 plus the results arrived as a serious blow to the Welsh Government’s aspirations.

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