Affordable universities in London for International students

February 27, 2016
Where Foreign Students Face

Guidance on exactly how much you will need to buy university fees fees and also to protect your cost of living while you are in London

Tuition costs

As a report overseas pupil, you pay full-cost charges, whatever your country of beginning.

Charges for 2016-17


High cost*

Autumn Term
£5, 895 £7, 547
Spring Term
Autumn and Spring Terms
£11, 790 £15, 093
Spring and Summertime Terms
£8, 646 £11, 069
Comprehensive year
£13, 100 £16, 770

* High cost programmes are those with a significant studio or laboratory content, or which mainly include Art Practice, correspondence researches, Computing, Design, Theatre and gratification, musical or mindset – or any bulk mix of these topics.

In the event that you study Art, it's most likely that you will have to pay for a few materials – you will be sent a materials listing with details of costs. Further suggestions about the costs of study is given to you once you accept our offer of a spot.

Living expenses

London are a pricey city, but Goldsmiths is found in an economical area. We estimate that as a single undergraduate you'll need about £1, 020 each month for your living and accommodation expenses. This figure cannot include international routes. To aid handle and build a budget for living and learning within the UK, the International beginner Calculator is a helpful device.

Starting a bank account

It's recommended that you open a British bank account once you get to great britain. You can start a student account at any high-street lender. Goldsmiths features a branch of Santander on university.

Currency exchange control

It is very important that you make arrangements for the transfer of funds to pay for your costs and maintenance prices if your wanting to arrive at the UK. This might be a certain problem in countries with strict change control laws, such as for example Nigeria and Iran. Understand that your fees tend to be because of at the beginning of your period of study, and you will not be allowed to attend courses unless you makes satisfactory plans for repayment.

Banker’s draft

The lowest priced way of taking money in to the UK, for charges an such like, is to get a banker’s draft in weight sterling attracted on a lender in the UK. It will likely be higher priced for a pounds sterling cheque attracted on a foreign lender outside the UK, due to extra bank charges levied because of the bank system here.

International money transfer

If you decide to deliver cash through a lender in your home country [an ‘International money transfer’], suggest that you will pay-all bank and agent’s fees; this might help you to prevent further bank costs when the money achieves Goldsmiths’ lender. You need to hold a copy of deal note to bring to you.

Other methods of payment

If you decide to spend by any technique, you're going to have to pay additional lender fees levied by the bank operating system, that is away from control of Goldsmiths’ management and lender.

Take note: if you should be moving money directly into Goldsmiths’ account, kindly include £20 sterling to cover bank fees and make certain your name is plainly reported on payment training.

Please note that Goldsmiths, University of London won't ever request you to deliver your lender details by mail. We shall just email you from an address ending in If you receive a message requesting for your lender details, do not respond or forward anything: please call us instantly by emailing

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