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August 30, 2017
Experience Goldsmiths at one

Our universities tend to be frequently inspected assuring they give you high-quality knowledge and they are financially steady. These are typically held on same high requirements as secondary schools and universities – unlike private universities which do not feel the exact same rigorous evaluation.

AoC colleges provide a diverse range of courses. You can easily discover English, get a qualification or develop your professional abilities.

An AoC university is a safe place to study where you will relish a traditional Brit knowledge and discover alongside British pupils.

The many benefits of learning in Britain

  • You'll learn English as a foreign language here. As well as beginner amount classes, there are numerous advanced courses so you can improve your fluency or build your business English.
  • Your English will enhance rapidly because you’ll be in the middle of everything enough time. There’s just no place easier to find out English than Britain.
  • You could do your senior school Diploma (referred to as a values in England) or a basis degree. You’ll have numerous topics to choose from – including maths, technology, art, design, humanities, business and languages.
  • Or you can do a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.
  • The standard of the education is excellent. The Brit federal government funds, regulates and inspects AoC colleges so you can be sure that your program are great.
  • AoC colleges have a proven track record of supporting students to succeed. Some 85% of our students complete their course and earn a qualification.
  • You could begin or carry on your higher education. Your foundation level could give you use of a degree course. Your level could offer you usage of a Masters.
  • The cultural opportunities are extraordinary. Whatever your interests – art, music, theater, dance, design, sport, record or archaeology – you’ll find opportunities to go after them here.

What’s student life-like in Uk colleges?

Student life in Britain is fantastic. These are some of the things our international students say:

  • You’ll have actually much fun. Britain features plenty of cool clubs, pubs, gigs and locations to go. You will definitely usually have some thing amazing doing.
  • You’ll live with a nearby family and research and socialise with Brit students. You will get an authentic British experience while their studies at an AoC university – unlike the pupils at exclusive language schools that are only with various other students from abroad.
  • You’ll meet people from all around the globe. Britain is quite intercontinental. You’ll make friends from numerous nations when you are learning here.
  • You’ll have actually a choice of extremely various locations to review. These include lively locations, breathtaking marketplace cities and calm nation campuses.
  • You’ll feel safe. By intercontinental criteria, Britain is a safe country with reasonable rates of road crime and physical violence.*
  • You’ll be supported by the worldwide student liaison officer at your college. They are going to help you about ideal programs, arrange your accommodation which help that settle into college life.
  • You’ll get value for the money. The standard of the education is high as well as the fees are reasonable.
  • Uk students like studying with international students. You’ll locate them friendly and welcoming.

How to locate the best course and college for your needs

You'll find information regarding university classes in Britain by speaking to a nearby university representative or by contacting the British Council company in your nation. Your school or college will be able to recommend a representative if you want to find one.

Exactly what course would you like to learn at university?

You’ll look for a huge number of courses at British universities. They offer additional choices than personal language schools or private universities.

Before beginning considering courses, ask yourself what objective you need to achieve.

If you would like:

  • enhance your English – then look at English language programs;
  • increase English and find out vocational skills – take a good look at English Plus classes;
  • gain access to university – concentrate on an even or basis classes that will meet up with the entry needs of the institution you need to attend;
  • work in a particular task or career – glance at vocational courses that may prepare you for the work or job.

Once you understand exactly what program or programs you need to reach finally your objectives, it is possible to research all of them easier. You’ll discover detail by detail info on college web pages as well as in their particular prospectuses.

Many colleges have international student liaison officers who can give you advice about the programs that are suitable for you. It is possible to inquire further detailed questions about the entry needs and program curriculum.

Which college will match you best?

Whenever you are considering universities, consider listed here concerns:

  • In which would I like to spend my amount of time in Britain?
  • What kind of accommodation would fit me personally – on campus or with a home-stay* household?
  • What kind of assistance and social activities would I like to have at college?
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