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January 6, 2016
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Studentski grad (Bulgarian: Студентски град, "Pupils' town/city") could be the pupil university area for some universities in Sofia, the administrative centre of Bulgaria, as well as the 24 districts of Sofia. It was created within the 1980s now has actually over 40, 000 residents. The actual amount of people residing briefly there can hardly be expected.

It really is one of the more diversified areas in Sofia, with old dwellings from communist age which are inhabited because of the pupils of different Sofia universities, and brand-new nightclubs, trade, business and residential centres. The building growth has already taken its cost as overdevelopment appears common. Parking lots and green areas continue to be inadequate. 12 months 2011 marked the set up associated with the biggest skatepark from the Balkans situated inside the park area as you're watching University of National and World Economy. Two multifunctional halls, Hristo Botev and Winter Palace of Sports, number some occasions on regular basis. Because of the typically low priced rent (significantly less than €20 every month), it is extremely attractive for residing. Current renovations have actually created improvements in many dormitories, including those hosting foreign students. These are generally mostly from Bulgarian diaspora in Macedonia, Moldova, Ukraine, Serbia, and since 2004, non-Bulgarians from chicken.

The location is well-known for its busy nightlife. Many different taverns and disco clubs make the university one of the main night enjoyment areas of Sofia. Studentski grad hosts a district authorities department that strives to handle the fast-growing alcohol-driven offenses, thefts, vandalism, soccer fans clashing, etc. The brutal murder associated with the student Stojan Baltov by drunken young ones outside a disco club sparked debates on social environment and security dilemmas, including the development of an important video clip surveillance system. Locations for eating at restaurants differ from high-end restaurants to inexpensive pizzerias. Specifically well-known is the so-called Mandzha road where some banitsa pastry, burger, Döner kebab and pancake shops are arranged.

Unlike many campus places in Western European countries and Northern America, Studentski grad is a type of lifestyle location for all of the students of Sofia's many universities as opposed to being near one institution. This helps pupils from various advanced schooling establishments satisfy and interact, but conversely causes major transportation dilemmas given that bulk of Sofia's university faculties tend to be situated fairly far from the city center and trains and buses is often not able to cope with Studentski grad's requirements. The traffic is generally congested especially during dash hours - mornings and late afternoons. Regular buses run using average every ten full minutes. Fixed-route minibus taxis called marshrutka alleviate the situation. Sofia municipality plans to connect Studentski grad having its metro system.

The neighbourhood is affectionately known as "Stuttgart". The abbreviation from Stud. (Studentski, "student") and grad ("city") resembles the name associated with German town of Stuttgart.


View of Studentski grad utilizing the chapel and the polyclinic

A student dormitory in Studentski grad

The Winter Palace of Sports regarding right along "Akad. Boris Stefanov" Str.

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Studentski pohod na Boračko jezero 2015
Studentski pohod na Boračko jezero 2015
Studentski protest 92
Studentski protest 92
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