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June 28, 2015

9 things you’ll just know if you’ve already been students at Leeds UniversityLeeds is unashamedly a party city, however, if you haven’t invested your level together with your face securely grown in gutter here are a few things you’ll undoubtedly recognise from your own time as students within University of Leeds.

1. Understand your library tribe

Students hard at the job in the Brotherton Library (image: Flickr)

You realize pay a visit to a Russell Group institution whenever biggest rivalry on university is between those who choose ‘studying’ in Edward Boyle plus the keen beans in the Brotherton. As the latter is a Grade II listed Beaux-Arts building with a large art deco atrium, everybody knows the somewhat dilapidated Eddy B (as it’s fondly understood) is when it’s truly at. Visit level ‘flirteen’ if you’re looking to get frisky amongst the bookshelves or even to get a mention on Eddy B hotshots, a-twitter account that hunts from hottest totty on the list of tomes.

2. Fruity – the Marmite club night

An average Friday evening in Leeds University Union (image: Facebook)

It’s the night time we all love to hate but after a couple of Jagers you’ll be sweating it out regarding the main party floor belting out ‘Don’t end BELIEEEEVING’ towards the top of your lung area with all Freshers. It may not be cool to go on a night call at the students union but there’s nothing incorrect with finishing off your week with some 90s nostalgia.

a normal Friday night in Leeds University Union (Picture: Twitter)3. Hyde Park or Headingley? – the eternal question

A-row of pupil houses on a quiet Headingley road (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

When you’ve moved off halls there are only two options – slumming it in crime-ridden partyville (Hyde Park) or going much more up market in Headingley. You may be paying as low as £50 lease a week in Hyde Park nevertheless might not want the free cash lying around since break ins and muggings are part and parcel of surviving in the region. If you think you’d instead maybe not live-in students ghetto then Headingley provides much more neighborhood nature as well as the Carnegie stadium and a range of stores and cafes. Just who understood one postcode could possibly be so diverse?

4. We pretend to hate Leeds Met (shhhh!)

Not exactly as quite because the uni but there are no tough feelings (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)

A row of student houses on a peaceful Headingley road (Picture: Wikimedia Commons)Let’s perhaps not lie to ourselves, nobody truly dislikes our Metropolitan neighbours…in reality we’re maybe not entirely sure which structures tend to be ours and that are theirs. Demonstrably things are certain to get heated at Varsity (our personal ‘friendly derby’) and odd classist chant is going to be yelled however it’s all for show; we love you actually Met.

5. Unicycle boy

The unknown one-wheeled traveller in all their high-vis fame (Picture: Facebook)

Students think about by themselves lucky to capture an unusual glimpse with this local celebrity driving around campus. Sightings are so momentous that the ‘Lupton Unicycle Boy Appreciation community’ has-been designed to share tales of their whereabouts and theories about their identity, attracting over 1, 500 likes on Facebook. The web page states, ‘One valiant rider is mounting a counter offensive from the two wheeled tyrants. One-man and his wheel against the globe.’ Some say he has got begun his very own battle club, others claim he is friends with darts player Phil ‘The energy’ Taylor but, no matter what the fact is, the guy continues to be a mystery.

6. Kirkgate marketplace

The 1875 marketplace which currently houses 800 stalls (photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Annually a unique cohort of Leeds pupils finds out exactly how wonderful the covered city center marketplace is. Never ever mind the coach fare; you save over and above the price of each day rider versus your normal shop plus you’ll feel daring and cultured, like you actually reside in Leeds and don’t only shuttle between university and clubs.Not quite since quite given that uni but there are no difficult feelings (photo: Wikimedia Commons) you will possibly not have an idea what a few of the stall holders assert (‘Eeee pet fanceh a punnet o strawberrehs?’) but the reason why get ripped off £2.50 for a bag of potatoes from Hyde Park Sainsbury’s when you can finally get them for 50p down the marketplace?

7. No Yorkshire accents

Famous Loiner and previous Spice woman Mel B (image: Getty)

In the event that you don’t venture in terms of industry, your time in Leeds will undoubtedly be marked by a definite decreased lilting Yorkshire tones. Popular with the independently informed, Jack Wills-clad pupils from south, you can easily go with weeks on campus without hearing anyone who sounds like they arrive from anywhere additional north as compared to M25. It’s scarcely suprising that half the cast of Made in Chelsea studied at Leeds. For anyone who is so fortunate to alight public transport and be welcomed with a northern twang the typical response from students is a loud, poor impersonation of the coach motorist. Top banter chaps.

8. You realize that Tequila is a byword for a lot more than shots

A screenshot from now infamous promotional vid (image: Leeds beginner paper)

The infamous club got turn off earlier in the day in 2010 when students had been outraged your organization had been seemingly advertising rape in another of its videos. Once the pupil report, LS, got onboard there clearly was no stopping the wrath of Leeds’ 30, 000 pupils.

9. You will find only two places to finish your night – Zulfi’s or Flames

Among Leeds’ many fine eateries (photo: Leeds Student paper)
The anonymous one wheeled traveller in every their high-vis fame (Picture: Twitter) The 1875 marketplace which at this time houses 800 stalls (photo: Wikimedia Commons) Mel B on X Factor 2012 A screenshot from now infamous promotional video (Picture: Leeds beginner magazine)
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Student Property In Leeds
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Leeds Student Magazine Media Pack - Leeds Student Magazine
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