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June 9, 2015
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It’s also practical to double check just how your exam answers are going to reach the universities and universities you’ve put on. The majority of the results are sent through Ucas therefore don’t have to do anything.

Probably one of the most crucial components of planning is not to make any other programs for 14 August. Logging into Track, or making sensible telephone calls becomes a little bit more difficult if you’re lying on a Spanish coastline with no Wi-Fi or phone sign.

We’ve got several new movies which give an explanation for Ucas process in very various ways. Finding your way through uni life will remind you of the things you’ll should do on your own journey to starting your program, plus the journey of a credit card applicatoin reveals how Ucas interacts with universities, colleges, schools and exam boards to really make the process run since effortlessly as you possibly can.

You’ll must be well-prepared in the event that you enter Clearing selecting a location. When you’ve seemed through available classes, you’ll must phone the appropriate universities and universities to discuss the classes that interest you.

Remember it’ll be you (perhaps not your parents or instructor) making that telephone call as it’ll be you beginning this course, therefore go into the telephone call since prepared as you could be for employment meeting.

While on the device, staff in the college will even probably ask you a couple of questions about why you’re interested in that one course.

Making records of passions beforehand, both educational and personal, and connecting all of them toward programs that you want to examine, will place you in a solid place.

Finally, in the event that you curently have your results because you’ve often taken a gap year or you took a BTEC or Overseas Baccalaureate qualification, you might be capable secure your Clearing destination before the main outcomes days.

Some universities and colleges tend to be keen to know from students now, although most will wait until all email address details are out to allocate locations.

You’ll need certainly to talk to the universities right meanwhile and appearance at their internet sites to find out more concerning the places offered. Best of luck within the after that couple of weeks.

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