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March 16, 2016

Community Students Will Have Access & Affordability with CC2NEC

Brand new The united kingdomt university (NEC) is making high quality knowledge more accessible to pupils around the world. By starting a “CC2NEC” twin acceptance system, community college students in good standing from anywhere in the usa will automatically be accepted into New England university.

The CC2NEC system – which stands for Community College to New The united kingdomt university – was created to satisfy the requirements of an increasing pupil populace. A recent report because of the United states Association of Community Colleges confirms that nearly half of all undergraduate pupils in the us begin their particular college profession at a residential district university. As an institution invested in innovation and student-centered training, brand new England College is generating the opportunity for community university students to realize their particular scholastic and professional goals.

The CC2NEC program provides numerous benefits that neighborhood college students desire: simple transfer, numerous powerful academic programs, the option to review web or on campus, and cost. Besides a smooth credit transfer process, neighborhood university students with a high quality point averages can further enhance their resumes by enrolling in brand new England College’s Honors system. Substantial scholarships may section of CC2NEC, and could protect a lot more than 50% of full-time university fees for students moving to NEC’s Henniker university.

“It’s simple, ” stated Brad Poznanski, VP of Enrollment at brand new The united kingdomt College. “When a student is admitted to a residential district college, that student is accepted to New England College.” New England College is a private, nonprofit college in New Hampshire that is approved because of the New The united kingdomt Association of institutes and Colleges (NEASC). “Students need choices while the CC2NEC program does that. It offers neighborhood college students the opportunity to make their bachelor’s level from an accredited, private organization. If You Would Like go to on university or internet based, or a mix of both, we welcome you!”

CC2NEC offers community students three compelling advantages:

1. Immediate acceptance into a certified university, including qualifications for NEC’s Honors system. CC2NEC pupils arrive at choose from dozens of sought-after levels and make use of interesting and accomplished professors on university, on line, or both.
2. Up to 90 credits acknowledged. If courses meet system requirements, CC2NEC students can put on to 90 community university credits toward an accredited bachelor’s level, in just about any major provided by brand new England university.
3. Cost and value. CC2NEC students arriving at campus will benefit from a substantial lowering of full time university fees, by way of ample institutional funds and scholarships… on average, 50per cent below standard full time university fees.

Through CC2NEC system, NEC will enjoy more students like Viktor Montanez which transferred from NHTI and it is majoring in Criminal Justice. “It ended up being easy for us to make the transition from neighborhood university to New England university. NEC is a welcoming destination and I’m enjoying it.”

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