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August 25, 2014
The modern buildings of

Q: Where in Tangier could be the UNE university situated?
A: Our university is regarding property regarding the United states School of Tangier, a K-12 exclusive school attended by students of nationalities. Its in a residential neighborhood across from the Spanish Consulate, and there's a gate with security at the entrance towards the residential property. Within a 15-to-20-minute walk tend to be Mediterranean beaches, stores, cafes and restaurants.

Q: exactly what languages are talked in Morocco?
A: individuals in Morocco speak French and Arabic, and many also speak Spanish and some English.

Q: what's going to the residence hallway end up like?
A: The on-campus residence provides two fold areas with an en-suite restroom, desks and storage for your clothing.

Q: Do i have to bring linens?
A: Sheets, covers, cushions and a bath towel is going to be provided for you. You really need to bring a beach towel to make use of within campus pool or within coastline.

Q: just what clothes can I bring?
A: You should deliver garments just like what you will put on during spring, summer and fall including levels and a rain coat. Comfortable hiking footwear tend to be a must, as every little thing in Tangier is hiking distance to your university. Bathing suits are fine on university or at the beach, but in other places you should wear t-shirts and skirts or jeans over swimsuits. Girls cannot use quick dresses or short pants, bare midriff shirts, or strappy tank tops or tube tops. Head scarves (hijab) shouldn't be donned by pupils and are also not mandatory for Muslim Moroccan ladies both. You will see Moroccans, various other Americans, Europeans and folks of various other nationalities clothed much like that which you see in other cosmopolitan locations.

Q: exist washing facilities?
A: Yes, there are washers and dryers in the dormitory.

Q: may i check-out church or synagogue?
A: indeed, you will find churches and synagogues in Tangier.

Q: imagine if i have to see a doctor?
A: You will have UNE’s travel cover to utilize if you want to visit a doctor while abroad when you look at the UNE Morocco program. The staff on campus will give you advice which clinic in Tangier to use, and can in addition help you if you want help making a health care provider's visit.

Q: Am I Able To deliver prescription medicine?
A: you have to deliver prescriptions within their original pots that demonstrate your title. Make sure you see your medical practitioner prior to going abroad to handle any medical problems. You are able to bring enough of some prescriptions or contacts to last your whole semester. For many medications you will have to see a medical expert in Tangier to obtain refills.

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