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October 11, 2015
Reading Room Saint-Jacques

files/institute/Image One.pngTo join our tagging project also to publish our rephotography application, go to to locate our online database of photos, visit . To keep up to date with your task, lectures and activities, go to our blog site at

This project unlocks the study potential of historical lantern-slide and glass dish pictures. Bringing together scholars, computer software designers and a world-wide community of 'citizen scientists', this digitizing and crowd-sourcing effort is designed to keyword and determine old photos of monuments, surroundings and environments taken across the world and to re-photograph their modern configurations.

Pompeii 1933 (professional photographer: Beatrice Blackwood) and 2013 (photographer: Charlotte Robinson)

The task will generate a world-wide accessible, interdisciplinary study resource that will provide a higher comprehension of all aspects of community plus the environment in procedures because diverse as anthropology, archaeology, art history, business economics, location, geology, heritage conservation, record, politics, and tourism.

The resource

files/institute/Image Two-1.pngetween c.1880 and c.1950, the University of Oxford amassed a comprehensive assortment of initial high-resolution lantern and cup fall pictures. They form an outstanding visual record of men and women, places, expeditions, and events from around society.

These photographs offer the starting place for the project. A century in, they provide brand-new data to simply help scientists realize a few of the most pushing existing analysis dilemmas, from ecological and climate change to person impact on our planet. Additionally they produce huge cultural and private interest around the globe.

Naples: hand painted lantern fall, 19th century

Digitizing is first. These types of a massive dataset is of good use if it can be categorized and sorted to simply help scientists discover what they are looking, whatever their particular specialism – which may be something from cliff erosion, old cars, women’s outfit, lichen developing on gravestones, or perhaps the history of tourism… if classifications are adequately detail by detail, the resource becomes far more accessible to a wider range of scholars.

Congregationalist Chapel, Witney, Oxfordshire 1932 (demolished 1969) Photographer: Stuart Piggott

files/institute/Image Three.png

Detailed keywording of every image can't be done-by some type of computer programme, and is too large employment for the volunteers and researchers doing by themselves. By using the Citizen Science Alliance, I will be enlisting folks world-wide to simply help united states investigate and keyword our photos and share inside pleasure of development via a purpose-built net system.

We want to uncover what features taken place to the places pictured inside our historical environment photographic collection. How have they changed eventually? Have actually structures already been restored, damaged or destroyed? Just how have the landscapes around all of them changed? Once more our company is askin resident experts to aid us find sites, re-photograph them within their modern-day options, and map their distribution by making use of a specifically tailored mobile software.

Cliff erosion, Brittany, France. Later nineteenth century lantern slide: professional photographer as yet not known

files/institute/Image Four.png

The info provided will form the core of an enormous interdisciplinary database supplying home elevators switching monuments, surroundings, and surroundings. It'll enable researchers plus the community to check out and learn the influence of the time, nature, folks, and also to have a conversation in regards to the future.

Touat settlement, Tunisia, c.1895. Photographer: J.N.L. Myres

Research and tasks

  • Becoming man: Festival regarding the Arts and Humanities 2014
  • Ashmolean Real TimeFriday: Social Animals 2015


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