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March 10, 2014
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The newest news story, activities, events, what happened today within the reputation for Oxford additionally the climate.

Theme tours:

significantly more than 20 hiking tours around Oxford including all the Colleges, Gardens, Gargoyles, Nobel reward champions and, naturally, Harry Potter.

We suggest:

Minds of home, Heads of Collections, Senior Administrators and present students all share unique 'perfect time in Oxford'.

Near myself:

The software shows you where you are and what exactly is near you, touch a pin to find out more about a nearby spot and its customer information.


make your own trip by selecting and selecting locations from various trips and recommendations, see all of them on a chart, reorder them in your number after that delete all of them once you have checked out them.


51 panorama pictures (33 colleges, 18 selections and areas).

and more…

know about the real history of this University, its practices, and backlinks until the many channels that Oxford today posts to.

And it's presently no-cost.

Further apps

A wealth of information from throughout the University and City of Oxford. Whoever you are, Cellphone Oxford is your main guide to allow you to do your day-to-day jobs. Be it finding a library book, examining next bus if not finding just what time the nearest post box is gathered Mobile Oxford is actually for you.

Any product with an internet internet browser is all you should be able to utilize a lot of the functions below, assuming you to possess a smartphone you need to use more advanced functions like your GPS.

Find showcased objects from the University of Oxford's four world-renowned museums and maintain currently because of the most recent events and events. The Ashmolean Museum, the Museum associated with the History of Science, the Museum of Natural History plus the Pitt streams Museum each hold distinct and fascinating selections to explore.

The Oxford Today mag application offers you the entire magazine including all the features, alumni pages and regular departments from books to letters – exactly what you’ve started to expect from associated with leading university alumni magazines. It is also readily available for Android os devices.

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