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January 24, 2016

There are 35 Oxford colleges and halls providing undergraduate courses. You can easily express a preference for starters of those whenever you create your application, or decide to make an open application. Kindly watch our movie about university option and reference the frequently asked questions below to find out more.

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We made an available application when I really couldn’t decide. Everyone loves the college I happened to be assigned to.

Nicole, 1st year

Does it matter which university I go to?

Universities have much more in common than obtained differences and, whichever college you go to, you will end up studying for similar level at the end of your program. Most pupils love their university, and can inform you that their college is the better. Each university varies in a variety of techniques, and this rich variety is part of the thing that makes the Oxford knowledge so unique. A few of the differences consist of:

  • College dimensions – in both terms of the causes as well as the amounts of staff and students.
  • The age of the school and its particular different buildings.
  • The location – some are in city center, although some is going to be nearer towards division, the playground, the river or the activities centre.
  • Accommodation – all colleges provide rooms for very first year pupils but accommodation for later years does differ. You might want to check always exactly how many areas are available, whether they take the primary university web site or elsewhere, and just how much they'll cost. See university lease also costs.
  • Services – all universities have a library, dining hallway and common room but sports services along with other sources do differ.

Do i need to choose an university?

No, even though you can express an inclination by entering a certain college’s 'campus rule' on the UCAS application. Available the UCAS university rules on each university web page.

Imagine if I don’t wish to pick?

You can make an open application by picking university code '9' in your UCAS application. What this means is we'll assign the job to a college or hallway which has fewer programs for every single place for your course in the year you apply. In 2014, 18per cent of people chose to make an open application.

Tutors do not have inclination for direct or available programs: they are shopping for the greatest applicants for their training course, so that they aren't enthusiastic about whether you applied straight to their particular university. Even though you do specify a college, other universities might interview you, and some of all of them can offer you somewhere. In 2014, 33percent of successful candidates got an offer from a college they performedn’t specify.

What’s ideal college for...?

Many colleges offer many courses so they don’t specialise, though the PPHs offer a smaller sized range of topics. Always check which universities offer your course. They all have large academic requirements. Extra-curricular possibilities don’t vary up to you may think, either – facilities do vary between universities, you can use another college’s facilities and you will join University-wide clubs and societies and employ the University’s services.

Oxford Campus Parking Lot | Jeff Gunther | Jim Huth
Oxford Campus Parking Lot | Jeff Gunther | Jim Huth
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Oxford College Interactive Campus Tour
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