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July 9, 2016
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After That Granted: 2015-16

Started by Friars for the English Province associated with purchase of Preachers in 1221, stifled through the Reformation and re-founded in 1921, Blackfriars Hall is one of the forty-five Colleges and Permanent Private Halls that define the University of Oxford, and is positioned in the center associated with the city.

At Blackfriars Hall, academic study is informed by a standard lifetime of relationship alongside the Dominican community of Blackfriars Priory. Therefore, it goes on the historic mission of this Dominicans, to interact with modern idea by involvement into the life and work of a modern university this is certainly focused on excellence in training and research. Look at the Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford website.

Educational Program

Checking out Students at Blackfriars Hall have the ability to follow accredited researches for one year in theology, philosophy, English literary works and British history. There are numerous courses to select from and research during year in Oxford. Some students study six tutorial classes in theology and philosophy, but other people just take three tutorial programs in theology and viewpoint, and three in one regarding the various other subject areas offered at Blackfriars.

Your teaching should be supplied primarily through regular tutorials, generally on a one-to-one foundation, where you discuss with the tutor an essay you have ready. You will definitely get either two tutorials per week or one guide plus one class. As well as lectures at Blackfriars you will be able to go to an incredibly number of lectures and workshops when you look at the University.

You are able to read through not just in our personal professional library, and in Bodleian collection, one of the planet's largest & most prestigious educational libraries. You'll be able to borrow publications through the Theology Faculty library and the various other Faculty libraries strongly related your classes.

  • Oxford cannot proceed with the semester system. You will find three terms: Michaelmas (Oct.-Dec), Hilary (Jan-March) and Trinity (April-June). The dates of full-term for 2014-2015 are the following:
  • Michaelmas: 12 October - 6 December
  • Hilary: 18 January - 14 March
  • Trinity: 26 April - 20 Summer
  • Pupils just who go for one semester must go to Hilary and Trinity. It isn't possible to attend Michaelmas just
  • There's a six-week break between Michaelmas and Hilary and Hilary and Trinity which allows checking out pupils time to learn and benefit from vacation around Europe.
  • Tutorials and courses offered in Philosophy, Theology, English Literature, Brit History and Classics in Translation

Currently enrolled pupils may well not select the satisfactory/unsatisfactory option for any programs. Transcript is given by Blackfriars Hall. You'll want approval from your Dominican consultant or relevant division to get credit when you look at the major/minor/core requirement.

Oxford, England
Oxford, England
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