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June 28, 2017
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Something a web log?

a blog site is a kind of web site based on reverse chronological entries held together by a continuous motif. Oxford University Press uses its blogs to foster dialogues, introduce our authors, publishing and staff, disseminate grant, and encourage intellectual discussion.

The OUPblog is a commentary-based weblog for an academic audience. The talented authors, staff, and buddies of Oxford University Press offer everyday commentary on nearly every topic under the sun for the formal educational publishing blog site of Oxford University Press since July 2005. A source for understanding, understanding, and expression, we provide scholastic insights when it comes to thinking globe, whether essays, opinion pieces, analyses, quizzes, or enjoyable facts.

The OxfordWords web log is a language-centric blog for an over-all audience from our Oxford Dictionaries group. It concentrates entirely on features about words, term origins, language, and dictionaries, and features magazine-style articles, English sentence structure and use guidelines, interactive language features, term games, and tournaments.

Who checks out these blogs?

OUPblog is an established and well-regarded internet based supply of viewpoint, representation, and learning. Our articles in many cases are obtained by on line media and our authors have inked radio, newspaper, and mag interviews as a consequence of their blog posts. We are one of the more extensively browse academic blogs in the world with active social media marketing marketing over Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

The OxfordWords web log has an extensive worldwide market thinking about the English language (and language typically.) The viewers includes numerous non-native speakers of English, therefore the web log's style is obtainable, informative, and enjoyable.

Just what can you seek?

We're looking for a write-up, lively in tone, similar to that which you would find in a paper. Our blogs often argue a spot, draw a line of argument, trace the introduction of a trend, or simply just discuss something interesting. Some topics provide themselves better to long-form essays, while others are better in listing form. We additionally post Q&A's, quizzes, slideshows, movies, and audio tracks. It is important to remember is we're perhaps not seeking an explicitly advertising piece. We should ignite a discussion.

Are you experiencing any writing guidelines?

No technical expertise will become necessary. Since this is written for an online market, we you will need to make the pages web-friendly and appealing to review onscreen, eg including hyperlinks and photos. Oxford University Press employs the Hart's procedures style guide, but the vital thing should compose while you would within local English.

  • Submit your article as a keyword document.
  • Single-space between phrases.
  • Indicate a brand new section with a difficult return, versus an indentation.
  • Include a short 2-4 sentence bio, as well as your scholastic webpage and any social media pages.
  • Add pictures that people possess rights or authorization to use.
  • The title and subtitle of post should really be obvious and succinct. Imagine exactly what one would query in Google to find out about this topic.
  • The word count is flexible, but the majority authors strive for 700-800 words.
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