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February 25, 2017
2016 University of Oxford

You will have been subscribed instantly for an Oxford Nexus account the moment your University card was made. To gain access to your account:

Personalising your mail account

  • All University-related emails is provided for your ox.ac.uk e-mail account, however it is achievable to create your mail is sent to some other system (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc) through the self-registration pages.

Your Nexus calendar

Oxford Nexus additionally provides an online diary. You can easily provide other folks use of your schedule, and schedule group meetings, share connections, jobs, files and files together with your colleagues.

Junk mail and phishing

As with every mail account, some of the communications you will get is undesired and unsolicited mail also known as junk mail or junk e-mail. Always delete junk mail - never ever response.


Phishing could be the title fond of email messages and sites which request you to unveil private and private details about your self. You shouldn't reveal usernames or passwords via e-mail or respond to emails that you don't trust.

In order to avoid becoming caught out-by phishers:

  • never ever share your passwords via e-mail
  • never ever react to a contact you don't trust. If you should be not sure Google the organization web site and use the contact details using the internet to inquire of should they need to communicate with you
  • if revealing private information on line, be sure the URL begins with https:// when you look at the Address and padlock icon within browser. If these aren't current, criminals may be able to see the information you send over the internet. However, the simple presence of a padlock will not guarantee that your information is going to be protected.
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PSY | Full Address | Oxford Union
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