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February 7, 2017
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Assisting you handle world-scale issues, Oxford's MBA is a one-year programme for a complex, delicate and more and more linked world.

The world is unprecedentedly complex, connected and delicate. Our trust in organizations and every other is under intense stress. Our energy, sustenance and water safety, our aging populations, the surge in saved information – all of these require supervisors and frontrunners of uncommon ability, sophistication and integrity. An MBA has never been more essential. At Oxford, the one-year MBA programme will provide these specific things in a single 12 months of intensive, immersive, and difficult experiences. The University's full time MBA programme brings you core competence and deep specialisation.

To succeed in business, you may need significantly more than business abilities. A premier rated programme embedded in a world course college, the Oxford MBA bursts the business bubble by being fully embedded in a world-class University. As a result of your association to a college, you will come across a wide variety of non-business backgrounds and take part in a lively intellectual community.


The Saïd company class offers a difficult and thought-provoking level through an involved community of faculty. Included in this full-time programme you are going to complete the GOTO (worldwide solutions & risks Oxford) Entrepreneurship program, an innovative new school-wide neighborhood of learning to which MBA students, Executive MBA individuals, alumni and faculty tend to be invited to participate in an ongoing process of critical wedding with a fundamental and rising global theme.


The evaluation regime is a flexible mixture of final examinations, group and individual tasks, and useful work, at the mercy of the constraint that at the very least 60% of markings should-be allocated on someone foundation, and therefore only 20% is assigned to practical work. Educators ought to tailor assessment ways to many efficiently attain the desired learning outcomes. Evaluation is performed at the conclusion of each program. If you neglect to achieve the necessary standard you have got an opportunity to retake or resubmit the tests these term.

Integration of real information across practical areas is promoted through integrative nature for the Entrepreneurial venture additionally the Strategic asking Project.

You are expected to make regular presentations to educators, examiners, and business professionals, and, in some programs, these is a required area of the evaluation.

Careers Service

Whether you wish to get a top job in banking, consulting or business, become operator, or go after a vocation in academia, the school’s careers solution makes it possible to reach finally your targets.

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