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May 9, 2016
Faiz MA, Ghose A, Ahsan MF

All staff and scholastic visitors are granted with a University Card. Your employing division or university will arrange this obtainable in advance or offer you a software form once you arrive.

The University Card is employed for safety functions, to supply usage of buildings, and determine your entitlement to make use of a range of University solutions, such as for example processing services together with libraries. It ought to be held with you all of the time. You can use your University Card to savor a selection of advantages, from discounts at regional stores to no-cost membership of University Club.

Getting compensated

University staff are compensated from month to month, with payments made direct towards lender or building culture account. Salary repayments are usually paid regarding the penultimate day time of each thirty days. Your payslip is provided for your division by internal mail, and arrives on or perhaps before payday.

In the event that you hold a combined appointment, you have got a combined university and university stipend. This means that you are going to receive two wage repayments each month: one through the University and another from your own college.


The University offers occupational pension schemes for qualified workers. These systems supply a retirement and a tax-free lump sum payment on pension also life address while you're in the University's employment. If eligible, you are going to automatically be enrolled into the appropriate pension scheme if you don't give notice in writing you do not wish to fit in with the scheme.

Salary Exchange

Salary Exchange for Pension Contributions is an arrangement for people in the Universities Superannuation Scheme (USS) and Oxford team Pension Scheme (OSPS). It impacts the way retirement contributions are available, bringing financial benefits for both people and University. If you join USS or OSPS, you're going to be enrolled immediately in Salary Exchange 3 months after joining the University, if you don't request to choose aside.


The amount of days' vacation to which you may be entitled will undoubtedly be specified in your page of appointment. The conventional leave year for University staff runs from 1 October to 30 September. Holiday accrual begins from your first-day of employment.

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