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October 13, 2016
For Oxford University

1948 Olympics portraits medalOxford alumnus Tim Healey, which took part in the Men's Coxed four during the 1948 Olympics, features kindly shared some photos with us.

1948 Olympics portraits medal

Credit: Tim Healey. British coxed four staff with regards to mentors plus the Olympic Medal awarded to all or any teams who took part in 1948 Olympics

Right back row from left to right: The crew of 1948 Coxed IV

Roentgen M Collins; W J H Leckie; A J R Purssell; W W Woodward

Forward line from remaining to right: The mentors associated with the Coxed IV

A D Rowe (Sculler in the 1948 Olympics); J H T Wilson (Winner regarding the gold medal within the Coxless sets in 1948 Olympics); A McCulloch (Winner for the gold medal as a sculler inside 1908 Olympics); W G R M Laurie (Winner of gold medal inside coxless sets within the 1948 Olympics and dad of the star Hugh Laurie)

Oxford alumnus Geoff TudorSitting at the front associated with image:

J A D Healey (Cox for the 1948 Olympic Coxed IV)

The rocky roadway to Wembley

Oxford alumnus Geoff Tudor remembers the 1948 Olympics – the last time London hosted the Games.

'Some of us achieved the 1948 Olympics because of the strangest of channels; our sprinters was a cricketer by choice! My personal main sport had been boxing, and I’d done no track operating until couple of years prior to the Olympics, with no steeplechasing until six months before.

Here’s a listing of my rugged road to Wembley.


I’ve no thoughts of being particularly hostile at school, but boxing did actually come naturally, and soon We won someplace in the college staff for the most affordable fat. Cross-country In addition liked, but fate determined that there was no chance to win a spot in just one of the college teams.

Oxford alumnus Geoff Tudor

People born before 40 years don't have any conception how much the first lifetime of united states older people ended up being disrupted by disease. Every Spring term most of us will be laid low by measles, German measles, chicken-pox or mumps – warded off today by very early jabs. 36 months in succession, if the cross-country was held, I became in college sanatorium with rash or spots or inflammation. Just in my last year was I without disease, ran in competition and completed the champion.

1946 Iffley RoadThe 2nd World War

War had started chances are, therefore then it ended up being the army and much more boxing – initially while instruction as a Gunner on Salisbury Plain, after that as a Lieutenant in a hill Artillery Regiment in Scotland. To weight firearms onto mules guys must be burly and high, and so I been the not many who could box under 10 rock – supplied i possibly could drop four pounds!

The boxing match ended up being soon after Christmas time, therefore not the limited wartime indulgences were enjoyed that year. After a Turkish shower and a 24-hour fast I just made the extra weight and won by a knock-out in the 1st minute. (A welcome result for just what proved to be my final battle, but rather an unhealthy return for anyone days of sweating and fasting: hours of work for a few moments of glory!)

It ended up being off to fire our weapons in Holland and Germany, therefore today it was bombarding in place of boxing.

From boxing to cross-country

Geoff Tudor winning the 880x v Queen's Belfast on 20 May, 1946 at Iffley Road

Back through the war and beginning at Oxford, very first ideas had been when planning on taking up boxing once again, but after several years of open-air life the confines of a gymnasium had been stifling. So it was back once again to cross-country once more, and a sufficient end up in the studies to win a location in Oxford team. After that 1946 came round, therefore we needed seriously to raise a group for the track-and-field fit against Cambridge. Oxford had a dire shortage of runners, therefore we were all drafted down seriously to the track to observe how we could do. Strangely adequate i came across myself into the group for the 880 yards: never thought I could build up that kind of rate!

Next year, 1947, was the entire year associated with the Great Snow! At Oxford it lasted from 27 January to 10 March. This allowed united states just fourteen days of education regarding track before the Cambridge match on 22 March. (This time I was drafted for 3 kilometers – and in addition, an extremely slow battle.)

Geoff Tudor (third from right) and Peter Curry (second from right) instruction at Iffley Road in the snowfall of 1947

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