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December 21, 2015
At the end of key stage 2

Headteachers at schools that are getting involved in the main element stage 2 examinations have actually certain obligations. These are explained inside Introduction towards the key phase 2 ‘Assessment and stating arrangements’. This guidance describes how to fulfil the position in relation to the tests.


Your school could be at the mercy of investigations of maladministration if it willn’t adhere to our test management guidance. This consists of:

You should look at taking tips to safeguard staff taking part in administering the examinations against allegations of maladministration. For instance, you can invite a trusted person in your school’s neighborhood to see or watch the tests becoming administered at your school. Allegations of maladministration can come from misconceptions about proper test management and make use of of accessibility arrangements. To prevent this, guarantee all staff, pupils and moms and dads realize:

  • how the examinations will likely be administered
  • just what the test schedule is
  • just what help is allowed into the tests
  • how any accessibility arrangements should be utilized

Test directors

Everybody involved with administering the examinations must certanly be completely trained and acquainted the Standards and Testing Agency’s assistance. We suggest you hold training sessions for the test administration team. When you have arranged independent observance associated with the examinations at your school, observers must also attend this training.

Test directors should really be acquainted with:

Guarantee each test administrator additionally knows:

It is important to think about how many staff would be necessary to administer the examinations. Any person administering a test on their own is much more susceptible to allegations of maladministration as they don’t have another person to confirm the test administration treatments. We recommend having at the very least 2 test directors in each test space. If this will be problematic for your school, you should think about utilizing a timetable variation.

If a test administrator is a relative of a pupil they're supervising, there must be about 1 various other test administrator (not associated with the student) present always.

Plans must also take place in instance a student should be eliminated, eg if they are disruptive or be sick.

Registering students for the tests

You really need to have subscribed and verified all pupils being at the conclusion of key phase 2 through the NCA tools website by Friday 20 March.

Any students not subscribed when it comes to amount 6 studies by Friday 20 March will be unable to participate in all of them.

The pupil subscription portion of NCA tools stays available after Friday 20 March for amounts 3-5 examinations. You ought to amend the info within section to mirror any pupils that leave or join your college. You ought to repeat this until the final day's test few days.

Access arrangements

You must be sure test administrators understand which students are allowed accessibility plans, and discover how to use these precisely. We advise each test administrator is offered a summary of any students with accessibility arrangements in advance of the examinations.

Family members, carers or guardians of pupils who need accessibility arrangements ought not to be tangled up in administering the tests to those pupils. If you utilize access plans, you should think about whether or not to provide the tests to students in a different room toward main group. Your college may receive a monitoring check out. If that's the case, you will have to show evidence that:

  • any access plans are based on regular class practice
  • each pupil making use of accessibility plans, eg a prompter, has actually an associated unique educational need
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