UK school system explained

April 2, 2017
Certificate in Education)

The training system in The united kingdomt and Wales actually the easiest thing getting your face around - don't worry though, we'll give an explanation for bits you will have to know. Nowadays, crucial phases would be the huge thing. Key Stages tend to be sets of college many years with an evaluation by the end. For instance, Key Stage 4 is the 2 yrs in which pupils aged 14-16 study with regards to their GCSEs.

This chart shows the important thing Stages as well as students' many years plus the examinations they simply take. The 'buzz terms' are explained in the bottom.

The Education System

Crucial Stage Children's Age (years) Class Year What exams do they just take? Who sets the exams?
KS1 5-7 1-2 SATS
(not found in every college)
KS2 7-11 3-6 SATS
KS3 11-14 7-9 No Present Exam N/A
14-16 10-11 GCSE AQA
16-18 12-13 AS-Level

Just what exams do they take?

  • SATS - they are the national tests taken by every condition college student at age 7 and 11. They familiar with additionally happen at age 14, however these tests had been terminated in October 2008
  • GCSE - These are the exams pupils just take when they're 16. They often take around 8 or 9 various topics. The exams for most GCSEs are at the end of the program in May and Summer of Year 11. (Some GCSEs are "modular" - which means they're tested in chunks, with an exam once or twice each year.)
  • A-Level: AS-Level & A2-Level - they are the programs many students do between the centuries of 16 and 18. If pupils finish both an AS and an A2-Level in the same topic they have a complete A-Level qualification.

Just who sets the exams?

  • QCA - here is the 'Qualifications and Curriculum Authority' - a federal government organisation that screens all exam requirements and sets the SATS for all of us at age 7 and 11.
  • AQA / OCR / Edexcel / WJEC / CCEA - they are the exam panels for GCSE and A-level. They set their very own courses and exams which usually vary a little from both. Schools can choose which board's programs they provide. All CGP publications are ideal for all exam boards unless the address claims otherwise.
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