United Kingdom school system

February 25, 2015
The United Kingdom school

Nine off ten children in the united kingdom are educated into the condition system, that will be financed because of the government. In accordance with the British Council, some 8.5 million kids attend the 30, 000 schools in The united kingdomt and Wales; in Scotland 830, 000 children attend about 5, 000 schools; and Northern Ireland sends 350, 000 young ones to 1, 300 state schools. Major schools often include both girls and boys as students. Secondary schools is either single-sex or co-educational.

Knowledge departments in The united kingdomt, Scotland and Wales fund schools through an area Education Authority (or in Scotland, the Education Authority). In Northern Ireland, schools tend to be mainly financed from public resources through five knowledge and Library Boards.

The training system is usually split up into four areas:

  1. Main schools: for the kids elderly between five and eleven. They are usually combined gender and that can be either secular or religion-based.
  2. Additional schools: most pupils move from major to secondary school in the age of 11. However, something of center schools additionally is out there; right here pupils tend to be transmitted from primary school at either age 8 or 9 many years, after that onto secondary education on age 12 or 13 many years. Many secondary schools in The united kingdomt are extensive and never function a selective entrance system. But in certain components of England, a grammar college system additionally works and students are needed to pass an entrance examination based on their capability.
  3. Additional knowledge: for the kids elderly between 16 and 19 who wish to stick to at school or college to gain even more qualifications.
  4. Higher education: for young adults and youngsters planning to visit university or college to review for a diploma or diploma.

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