What is Elementary school in UK?

October 12, 2017
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This guide will help you discover files on elementary and major schools at nationwide Archives.

These are mainly records of administration and plan covering person organizations founded since 1833 nor consist of records of specific educators or students.

2. Important information

Before 1944 primary schools had been known as ‘elementary schools’ because that ended up being really the only training most people needed. The term ‘primary school’ just arrived to usage because of the 1944 knowledge Act.

State economic participation in education started in 1833 when yearly grants were made available to offer the building of schools. Before this date academic effort ended up being essentially private and sometimes religious and, therefore, almost all of the records of primary and main schools at The National Archives time from after 1833.

The records were created for the use of central government departments and continue to be arranged and catalogued not by subject, but as they were originally used. Locate info on an individual college or area, for that reason, you may need to look across several different record series.

Whenever looking for records of a college it's important to understand that many school names change over time.

3. Starting

You will find thousands of files on primary and elementary schools during the National Archives. Many had been written and produced by the Department for Education (reference code ED) and its predecessors.

You can use Discovery, our catalogue, to search for a school by-name and location, nevertheless should treat the outcome with caution. Not all the files of schools are present in this way as they have-not all already been catalogued by school name.

Utilize the assistance below to identify particular records series that you would like to find. The guidance will tell you what to search by, for instance college name, county or place-name. After that make use of the advanced level search page generate a search restricted to the relevant series.

4. Crucial documents

Here are probably the most helpful and considerable documents sets for finding information on primary and additional schools. It is possible to search each show by simply clicking the guide rules or search in the series making use of a keyword by going to the higher level search web page inside our catalogue and limiting your hunt on appropriate reference code.

School data 1857-1945

Find school data in ED 21 by college title and also by location. Each college in receipt of a yearly grant has actually one ‘school file’ with communication from and towards school. The data consist of communication about school premises, trusts, examination and organisation.

School digest data 1854-1984

Research by college in ED 161 for documents concerning main schools established before 1966. The details during these data is similar to that in ED 21, though overall subsequent in date, a lot of it covering the period 1944-1966. These data have been heavily weeded, indicating numerous documents do not contain each of their initial information and are usually really thin.

Regional Knowledge Authority Developing Plans 1945-1966

Research by county in ED 152 for regional Education Authorities’ (LEAs) development plans for post-war education within their location, and programs for future expansion. We were holding needed under the terms of this 1944 knowledge Act.

Trust deeds as well as other home records

The nationwide Archives holds various kinds of documents associated with the establishment and foundation of schools. If you should be finding a trust deed, seek advice from record below, covering the following times:

  • 1736-1925 – trust deeds in C 54 and J 18 (see our guide, Conveyances of land for charitable utilizes in trust deeds 1736-1925 for advice on just how to search these record show)
  • 1926-1963 – enrolments using the Charity Commissioners in CHAR 13 (separate place-name list in CHAR 13/483-492 as well as on microfilm on National Archives at Kew)

Building grant applications 1833-1871

Between 1833 therefore the knowledge Act of 1870, regional patrons and charities, acting as sponsors to a proposed school, could affect the Treasury for financial assistance towards school building costs.

Initial statements 1846-1924

Annual parliamentary grants to schools had been offered by 1846. To receive a grant each school needed to offer information about its income, spending, accommodation, staffing, charges and quantity of students.

Using our catalogue, search enduring initial statements for 1846-1924 in ED 7 by county or borough, and after 1924 in college files in ED 21 by college name and place.

Parish files and academic census of 1871

The 1870 Elementary knowledge Act established a nationwide system of primary knowledge. To ensure there would be a place for almost any son or daughter, a census was taken of college places. Search academic census comes back in:

College record sheets

The Board of knowledge launched college record sheets in 1920s, tracking, to sum up kind, information about each college in The united kingdomt maintained by neighborhood Education Authorities. Details include:

  • time of organization
  • condition and measurements of the school
  • the sex and a long time of its pupils

Funding and finance

Consult endowment data for informative data on the money and finance of schools in:

Files regarding the Welsh division of Education

Files for Welsh schools are generally in identical series as their English alternatives. Exceptions are:

  • development programs for Welsh LEAs in BD 7 and ED 216

For general administrative and policy files on Welsh education see:

Registers of poor-law schools and their successors

Poor Law schools had been provided and maintained by the guardians for the poor and might be attached to workhouses or run as individual schools. Consult the following show:

  • MH 12 (1833-1909) and MH 32 (1834-1904) – for communication about workhouse schools operate by specific unions

Surveys and reports on primary training

An enquiry into knowledge in England and Wales had been performed within the 1851 ecclesiastical census. A small number of the returns, of voluntary, survive in HO 129 (search by place). A great many other studies of college supply were presented to Parliament in the nineteenth century. These documents tend to be Parliamentary Papers and may be accessed web (see ).

Schools’ census (‘Form 7’) datasets 1974-2006

  • pupil figures by age and gender
  • instructor numbers by sex and type
  • types of classes taught

See the show description for additional details of these comes back, which were referred to as ‘Form 7’ and evolved from details collected since 1945 by the Statistics Branch, present in ED 147/341-351.

Grant Maintained Institutes Database 1992-1999

Seek advice from the give Maintained institutes Database in ED 278 for precisely each college as at March 2000, including details about the type of school, denomination, choice plan and age of students. You will find complete information on what info is offered inside show information within our catalogue.

6. Files in other archives

The surveys consist of:

  • Abstract of Knowledge Returns (1835)
  • Report regarding the Commissioners for taking a Census of Great Britain on Education (1852-1853)
  • The Royal Commission regarding the State of Preferred Education in England [Newcastle Commission] (1861)
  • Return of Schools for Poorer Classes of kiddies in Municipal Boroughs of Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Manchester; Report on Quality of knowledge which institutes supply (1870)
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