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September 25, 2016
The World s Top Universities
are published yearly – by The Complete University Guide, and jointly by and . Ranks are also produced in days gone by because of the routine Telegraph and Financial instances.

The principal aim of the ranks would be to notify potential undergraduate individuals about UNITED KINGDOM universities centered on a range of criteria, including entry requirements, student pleasure, staff/student ratio, academic solutions and facilities spending per student, research high quality, percentage of Firsts and 2:1s, conclusion prices and pupil spots. All the league tables additionally rank universities on their power in individual topics.

Every year since 2008, days degree has created a "dining table of Tables" to mix the results for the 3 mainstream league tables. In 2015, the utmost effective 5 universities had been the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of St Andrews using London class of Economics and Imperial College London tied for 4th location. The 5 universities in addition claim the most notable 5 jobs when you look at the ranking of Uk universities by nationwide reputation. In 2015, these were the sole universities in britain to have no locations for sale in either clearing or adjustment plus 2014, the 5 universities occupied the most effective 5 roles the entry tariff of their students.


The next rankings of Brit universities are manufactured annually:

The Complete University Guide[edit]

The entire University Guide is published by Mayfield University Consultants (which had formerly put together institution positioning for ). It was posted the very first time in in 2007, with regards to was referred to as Good University Guide, and was manufactured in relationship with from 2008 to 2011.

The ranking makes use of nine criteria, with an analytical technique called the Z-transformation applied to the outcomes of each. The nine Z-scores tend to be then weighted (by 1.5 for student satisfaction and research evaluation, and 1.0 for sleep) and summed to offer a total rating for each institution. These total results are then changed to a scale where top rating is placed at 1, 000, aided by the remainder becoming a proportion of the top rating. The nine criteria tend to be:

  • "Completion" – a measure of the conclusion price of students (databases: HESA);
  • "services invest" – the spending per pupil on staff and pupil services (data source: HESA);
  • "Good honours" – the percentage of firsts and upper moments (repository: HESA);
  • "Graduate prospects" – a way of measuring ones employability of graduates (databases: HESA);
  • "analysis assessment/quality" – a way of measuring the typical top-notch analysis (data source: 2008 Research Assessment Exercise - note HESA have required the compilers to create a disclaimer on your way that HESA information has been used with RAE data );
  • "Student:staff ratio" – a measure of the typical staffing degree (databases: HESA).

The most recent league table (2016) rated the top 50 (off 126) Brit universities as follows:

The Guardian[edit]

The Guardian's ranking uses eight various requirements, each weighted between 5 and 17 %. Unlike other annual rankings of Uk universities, the requirements usually do not add a measure of research production. A "value-added" element is roofed which compares students' level results along with their entry skills, explained by the newspaper to be "[b]ased upon an advanced indexing methodology that tracks students from enrolment to graduation, qualifications upon entry tend to be weighed against the prize that a student gets at the end of their particular scientific studies". The eight criteria are:

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