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June 10, 2017
UK universities slip down

The University of Lincoln is called among the top 40 English universities in the 1st major student guide of the year.

The whole University Guide 2016, published these days (Monday 27th April 2015), placed Lincoln 40th regarding 103 English universities detailed plus 51st place total regarding 126 UNITED KINGDOM degree institutions. It was a jump of four locations from a year ago's UNITED KINGDOM rankings and opportunities Lincoln solidly when you look at the top half of the tables.

The University of Lincoln had been known as in the Top 5 Universities into the East Midlands, described as providing "a quality knowledge with an impressive environment".

The Complete University Guide 2016 is the first to use the latest national data on research quality. More than half of Lincoln's analysis had been evaluated is globally exceptional or world-leading in nationwide Research Excellence Framework 2014.

The positioning additionally consider pupil pleasure, graduate employability, great honours degrees, spending on facilities and student-staff ratios.

Professor Mary Stuart, vice-chancellor in the University of Lincoln, said: "The Complete University Guide may be the newest analysis to show the University of Lincoln successfully integrates two crucial tasks: exemplary training and exceptional study.
"We are an ahead thinking institution with a high aspirations and we tend to be continuing to buy exemplary academic staff at Lincoln along side broadening our state-of-the-art new services for pupils and scientists. All this plays a part in a residential district on university where our pupils and scientists can thrive and develop."

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